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The museums of Kefalonia help visitors to understand the history of the island better.

The Archaeological Museum of Argostoli hosts a remarkable exhibition with exhibits from the Paleolithic to the Late Roman Age.

The Historical and Folklore Museum, is in the Korgialenios Library of Argostoli. In this museum, visitors can learn about the tradition, the folklore life and the civilization of urban and rural life from the period of Venetian domination to 1953. The exhibition includes historical documents, portraits, collections of personal items, historical figures, utensils of everyday life, maps and drawings of historical monuments, historical photographs and religious art works.

The Museum of Natural History , with its rich collection of flora and fauna exhibits, gives to the visitor a better way to acquaint themselves with the natural environment of the island.

Finally, the Environmental Museum at the old primary school in Fiscardo has a unique exhibition from the natural and undersea “treasures” of Kefalonia.