Gastronomy Kefalonia


The cuisine of Kefalonia is both familiar and original at the same time. The familiar tastes also have something special and unique.

The island is self-sufficient in food and has pure local products such as feta cheese, oil, honey, meats and local cured meats products. With all these amazing foods, Kefalonia could not have anything less than many authentic and delicious recipes. Try the meat pie, lagoto and goat sofigato.

Taste a piece of codfish pie with smashed,garlic flavoured potatoes with lemon or vinegar. There is also the strapatsada with eggs and tomatoes and the tsigaridia. Traditional desserts like mandoles, mandolato but also nougat pies are tastes that you should try or give to friends as a gift. Of course, don’t forget to taste the Robola, the famous dry wine of Kefalonia with a delicate flavor and fine aroma.