Church with sea view in kefalonia


The Christian religion is noticeable throughout Kefalonia. Churches and monasteries are a special part of life for the island’s inhabitants.

  • Saint Gerasimos: Ihis monastery is the most important Christian sight in Kefalonia. It was built in 1560 by Agios Gerasimos, the patron saint of the island. For the local people, Saint Gerasimos is simply "The Saint", that’s why “Gerasimos” is the most common name in the island.
  • Saint Andreas Milapidias: Is located in Peratata and is one of the oldest monasteries on the island. It was named after the characteristic tree "Milapidia" that grows there. Agios Andreas (Saint Andrew) of Milapidia is as a monastery with nuns.
  • Panagia Fidousa: : Is located in Markopoulo and is also known as Panagia Lagouvarda. Panaghia Fidousa of Kefalonia is one of the most famous churches of the island, as thousands of pilgrims come to the temple every year because of the appearance of small snakes with four black small dots in their heads, in the shape of a cross! They make their appearance from August 6th to August 16th.
  • Atros Monastery: : Is located near Poros and is the oldest monastery of Kefalonia as it is dated back to the 8th century. Atros Monastery is on a hill right above the sea, at an altitude of 760 meters. Today, the Monastery of Atros has no monks, but it is worth visiting for the medieval architecture.
  • Kipouria Monastery: The Monastery of Kipourians is over 250 years old. It was named after the many gardens that the monks had there and is built on a rock, 100 meters above sea level, in beautiful landscape. At the monastery, the visitors are able to see one of the most spectacular sunsets in Kefalonia.
  • Saint Varvara: the small chapel of Agia Varvara is located outside Argostoli, in a cave under the main country road of the island. According to tradition, in 1912 a kid fell off the road down the ravine, but landed on the ground without the slightest injure! In the cave a chapel was built in honor of Saint Barbara, which is celebrating on December 4th.